Monday, December 19, 2011

The Facts Of Life

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Other Mythbusters

The tip of a needle after only 6 uses

Friday, September 23, 2011

Interactive Scale of the Universe tool

Zoom all the way in to look at the smallest of small particles, or zoom all the way out to see the true insignificance of our existence.

Scale of the Universe

Monday, August 15, 2011

How to rearrange/remap/change the keys on your keyboard

I recently needed to rearrange my keyboard, and when I google'd it, the information was surprisingly sparse, so I thought I'd add how I do it to the mix.
A few days ago, I accidently knocked the Enter Key off my keyboard (Don't ask me how), and it was seemingly impossible to reattach. I therefore decided to simply rearrange the keys on my keyboard, so that another key could be the Enter key.
Here's a simple guide I wrote up for it:

  1. Download and install KeyTweak. (the file called KeyTweak_install.exe). It's compatible with all +2000 versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7), and it should be compatible with Mac OS X too.
  2. Open up the program and click any key that you want to change, then choose what function you want it to have from a simple list containing all the keyboard shortcuts imaginable, then click 'Remap Key'.
  3. When you're done rearranging your keyboard,  click 'Apply'.
  4. You should now be prompted to restart your computer. Do that.
  5. When the computer has restarted, your keys should be rearranged. You might notice a slower start-up, but that's because your computer has to update its registry.
Here's a screenshot of the interface of the program:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The US debt visualized

Here's a website where the current US debt has been visualized and put in perspective. It's pretty mind-boggling to see how big a pile of money it actually is. I mean, if stacked to have the same diameter of one of the world trade centers and printed in $100 bills, the current US debt will almost reach a height equal to 2 world trade centers on top of each other!
Click the $100 bill below to check it out.

Just look at Benjamin Franklin's disappointed face. He knows what's up.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How you didn't know you could use various household items (salt, toothpaste etc.)

Hello there.
I've added a few songs to the playlist.
Porcelain by Moby
One of the greatest by Moby (If not THE greatest). Relaxed.
Time 2 by Ewan Dobson
Just a guitar and some echo. Sounds like something you'd hear in a video game.
All Up To You by Ben Talmi
A relatively unknown song I just happened to find. It's pretty damn good.
Lemsip by SRC
Super Mario sounds mixed into a magnificent piece of music.

And I added a new informative picture on what your everyday household items also can be used for.

Monday, July 18, 2011


First of all, thank you for visiting my blog! These are the first words I've uttered on this blog so far, but I hope you've liked the informational stuff, albeit no actual words from me.

Anyways, I've added a playlist to the blog. Keep open a new tab with the main page, and play the playlist in that. Otherwise you'll have to restart it every time you click around on here!
Let me just go through the current playlist:
Loud Pipes by Ratatat
One of the most famous songs by Ratatat, and also one of the greatest. I always enjoy listening to this smooth song. You should check out other stuff by Ratatat on youtube, or have a look at a playlist I love listening to myself over at stereomood
Chambermaid Swing by Parov Stelar
Parov Stelar does instrumental music much like Ratatat, but he often has a smooth jazz feel to it with his saxophone hooks. This is my favorite song by him.
Natural Blues by Moby
Great relaxed piece by Moby. Moby has my respect, because he makes music for music, and he does it damn well.
"I learned in the last few years that it's really unhappy and really unsustainable to try and base your well being on something as arbitrary as record sale and critical acclaim and the interests of the public. All of those things are so fickle. So my approach now to music is I want to make records that I love, and I hope that other people love them, then that's OK." - Moby
Ghostwriter by RJD2 
RJD2 does great instrumental hip hop (you might be catching on to a theme of instrumental), and this has to be my favorite song of his.
Empire Ants by Gorillaz
Even though I considered Gorillaz' newest album (Plastic Beach) pretty weak as compared to their earlier work, this one song is really good. Especially the part from 2:45 in the song.
Nothing to worry about by Peter, Bjorn and John
The real reason this caught my attention wasn't actually the song to begin with, but the video (You can see who's the alpha male by the size of his mane). Yes, that's right. It's greasers in Japan. However, the more I watched the video, the more I liked the song. Also, yes, Peter, Bjorn and John are the guys who did that hipster song with the whistling.
Baker Street by Gerry Raferty
A song with the most iconic saxophone solo in history. You can't not like this song.
Eple by Röyksopp
Relaxed and smooth, just the way I like it.
Breathe by Telepopmusik
The most relaxing song on the list. Close your eyes and drift.
Massage Situation by Flying Lotus
More jazzy chillaxed instrumentals. God damn, I have such great taste in music.
Sunshine by Atmosphere
A song with lyrics? That's right. A rap song at that (No, it's not about getting money and bottomheavy ladies).
So Easy by Röyksopp
Röyksopp makes a second appearance on the list. More amazingly relaxing music (With a name like So Easy, it can only be good).
Reality Check by Binary Star
A really old school style hip hop group, and this is probably my favorite rap by them.

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